Warframe PS4 update with 1.40 fixes on Jan 23

By Alan Ng - Jan 23, 2017

We can confirm that there has been another minor update for Warframe on PS4 today, days after the developers launched the big 1.40 patch with The Glast Gambit content.

For those that are looking for details on what the new Warframe update on January 23 changes, allow us to provide the information here – although there’s not much info to share.

According to a developer note on the official forums, the only change with today’s Warframe update is fixes for some localization problems contained within 1.40.


For a recap of the full Warframe PS4 1.40 patch notes, you can read through everything again here as it’s a massive list.

That’s all we have with regards to today’s update but if you spot anything else not mentioned by the developers leave a comment below.

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