Yugioh Dual Links maintenance with login error

By Alan Ng - Jan 19, 2017

We continue to see a lot of problems with Yugioh Dual Links maintenance following on from the recent global rollout of the game, a game which is turning out to be extremely popular for those also in the US and Europe.

We’ve already spoken about specific Yugioh Dual Links server errors on our outage page, but now it looks like there could be an issue with too many players logging in at once.

As a result, you may be able to get into the game sometimes but more often find yourself unable to log into Yugioh Dual Links due to sudden maintenance.


Hopefully Konami is aware of this and are planning to increase the server load as soon as possible. From our experience it also looks like there is a lack of information in English to cater towards those playing from the US and UK so hopefully this changes too.

We don’t see any official Yuhioh Dual Links server status checker from Konami, so let us know in our discussion section if you’ve also experienced problems at launch this week.

Is Yugioh Dual Links down for maintenance for you right now? – Some of you may be seeing a Blue or White Eyes maintenance dragon.

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  • Joshua

    man this really sucks we’re sitting here in North America holding our Cocks while the rest of world gets better at the game and gets better cards….. good job Konami we should get extra gems for the inconvenience

  • Sam

    i do