Virgin Media internet down Jan 19 with angry customers

By Alan Ng - Jan 19, 2017

We are getting widespread complaints that Virgin Media internet is down today, January 19. It looks to be a fairly serious problem as well with Virgin redirecting all affected users to their website to check Virgin Media service status in a particular area.

As you can imagine users are not happy at all to find that their Virgin Media broadband is not working and for some customers this extends to TV as well.

On Twitter, you can see that Virign Media’s customer support are frantically telling everyone to check status here while there are also numerous complaints from those who said that calls were hung up when trying to fix over the phone.


On the status checker page you can input your postcode and your home number to check whether there is a confirmed Virgin Media outage in your area.

Right now though, it looks to be an outage across many parts of the UK so we can only hope that it is fixed soon. Leave a comment below if you are really unhappy with your Virgin Media service right now and if you can’t connect to Virgin Media WiFi on January 19.

We will provide new updates here on our outage page as we get them.

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  • sandra tierney

    i have had my fill with this vigin media are a waste of space 29 phone calls no tv no internet 3 days no straight answers blame electric board cut through cables had enough now time to switch they do this to customers who have been with them 4 years to get new ones and when it does work pay for 100mgs get 24 they cut down on people need reporting bag of crap