Pokemon Go update with new Gen 2 evolution leak

By Alan Ng - Jan 19, 2017

There could be some very exciting Pokemon Go developments on the horizon, after the discovery of a new Pokemon Go Gen 2 leak buried within the recent update which has once again uncovered some juicy secrets.

These secrets are not intended for public consumption yet, but thanks to Reddit and The Silph Road we can bring you some early details on what could be coming next.

Specifically new Evolution items needed for Gen 2 and what should also lead into many more Gen 2 Pokemon coming to the game.


As you can see above, the new items include Sun Stone, Kings Rock, Metal Coat, Dragons Scale and Upgrade which could be for Porygon.

With this information already inside the game code, it means that the new items may be coming in the next update. As a result look out for news from Niantic at any moment.

What are your thoughts on the mystery items above and what do you think it means?

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