Instagram crashing after update 10.4.1 with users angry

We can see that the latest Instagram update has left users very angry and even more so after a second Instagram update 10.4.1 still crashes when opening the app.

We’ve been keeping an eye on this issue for several hours now and it still appears that Instagram has not fully fixed the problem with many taking to Twitter to complain about it with others.

First of all, you can at least be aware that Instagram has acknowledged problems with their app after the latest update and are working on a fix as we speak.

It’s definitely something serious though as two Instagram updates have not managed to solve the problem at the time of writing:


Keep track of the latest Instagram status update here on our outage section and let us know if you manage to fix the problem. Leave a comment below if Instagram keeps crashing after the 10.4.1 update and check back for an update soon.



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