GTA Online Dewbauchee Specter custom before vs after

There has been a new GTA Online update this week and the big talking point is the arrival of the new Dewbauchee Specter Custom sports car. We have a quick video for you now, showing the new vehicle before and after customization.

You’ll be pleased to know that at $599,000 the price from Benny’s Motor Works is on the affordable side given some of the luxury cars we’ve seen introduced recently.

However you’ll need around $180,000 on top of that if you want to enjoy all of the Dewbauchee Specter customizations on offer.


You can see an example of some of the results here once you have paid the cash, we think you’ll be impressed with the results.


We’ve also got a video below showing some short gameplay of the completed Dewbauchee Specter custom on the road which you should definitely check out.

Everyone is talking about this new motor, do you think it is worth the money and how do you like it in terms of speed? Let us know in the discussion below!



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