Half Life 3 news today from Gabe Newell Reddit AMA

By Alan Ng - Jan 17, 2017

Today could be an extremely monumental day in terms of hearing potential Half Life 3 news. We really don’t want to tempt fate or lead you on yet another hoax but it has been confirmed that Valve founder Gabe Newell will be taking questions in a Reddit AMA today.

You shouldn’t need us to tell you that this is an extremely big deal. While Gabe Newell could decide to completely ignore all questions in relations to Half Life 3 which will inevitably come, he could also be generous and provide a few teasers to keep fans on their toes.


Half Life 3 has become a continuous disappointment for the army of PC gamers, not to mention one of the most famous internet memes on the planet.

Wil Gabe Newell finally drop some official Half Life 3 news though and say that the game is in development? Don’t forget about other Valve games as well though.

Left 4 Dead 3 news will be on the minds of fans too and personally, we would love to see something announced for this game as equally as HL3 news.

It will all happen today at this link. For those asking what time the Gabe Newell Reddit AMA will start, it will be at 11PM UK time on January 17 which means 3PM Pacific Time and 6PM Eastern Time.

What questions will you ask Gabe and do you think he will secretly drop some hints for Half Life 3?

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