Iron Fist Netflix release date excitement this year

By Alan Ng - Jan 16, 2017

We are getting closer to the exciting Iron Fist Netflix release date and we just wanted to bring you a reminder on when the next series is out in the gripping continuation of the TV-based Marvel Cinematic Universe.

By now we’re sure most of you have seen the excellent Luke Cage and coming up next before The Defenders arrives in 2017 is Iron Fist – the other half of the popular comic book duo Heroes for Hire.

Iron Fist is coming in March and for those that missed the important date last time, the series will be out on March 17. Just like Luke Cage and Daredevil Netflix will be opening up the entire series on day-one allowing you to binge watch the series from start to finish.


It also means that subscribers can watch Iron Fist back to back via the Netflix app and not just on desktop meaning that it could be perfect for long commutes home.

Check out the first proper teaser trailer for Netflix Iron Fist below, as we could be getting a new one very soon. Was Luke Cage the best thing you saw on Netflix in 2016?

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