ESPN first app update in 2017 adds single sign-on

By Jordan Milham - Jan 11, 2017

Having to sign in constantly whilst trying to stream can get a little annoying, but ESPN has fixed this with their first app update in 2017 that brings Apple’s SSO, single-sign-on, to their main app and WatchESPN. This will allow you to enter your log-in details once and it can get populated across the whole sporting network’s software for any device that’s connected to iCloud.

Interms of versions numbers, the main ESPN app gains an update to version 5.5 and the WatchESPN updates to version to 1.9.8, as of January 10, 2017.

Whilst WatchESPN also has had ability to stream the action to your TV with Chromecast for a little while now however, the main ESPN app also gains functionality with its new version.

USA vs. Mexico live stream with ESPN

With the new update ESPN have produced it now introduces something named ‘picture-in-picture mode’, so you’re able to continue tapping around, accessing other news and stats whilst still watching.

There’s are also a new and improved golf leaderboard with even more information, not to mention a dedicated Australian edition for all of the AFL coverage if you are in need of it. Both ESPN and WatchESPN are available to download in the iTunes Store now.

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