FIFA 17 TOTY free packs for Ronaldo, Messi, Suarez

By Alan Ng - Jan 10, 2017

We know many of you have been unhappy with EA lately after the developer decided not to give out any big free packs for FIFA 17 over the Christmas period, despite doing so multiple times in previous years.

TOTY has just been released for the game and we have a quick heads-up that EA has offered some free packs of sorts. These come in the form of free daily gifts which you can receive simply by logging into the FIFA 17 Web App or on the Companion App using your mobile.

Prizes can range from Bronze Packs, all the way up to Gold Packs, free draft tokens and free coins so they are still worth your time logging in to claim.


We’ve seen from experience some very good players inside the Gold packs so take this as your only ‘free’ chance to get a TOTY Ronaldo, Suarez or Messi card – probably with a 1% chance we might add.

Are you disappointed that EA hasn’t given out more free packs to counter balance all of the steep requirements for SBC which were unloaded on players every day over Christmas? On the other hand, EA has turned on the daily gifts frequently throughout the season and a lot more than what we saw with FIFA 16.

Have any of you been lucky with with a free pack inside the daily gift? Tell us the best player you ever received inside one of these packs.

These free packs will be available until January 16 so make the most of it!

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