Apple iPhone thickness greater than new Xiaomi TV at CES

By Jordan Milham - Jan 6, 2017

Xiaomi is holding its first-ever CES press conference since the company was founded in 2010. In addition to revealing the white version of the Mi Mix bezel-less phone, the Chinese company is now revealing an extremely thin TV, in fact the company states it’s slimmer than the Apple iPhone.


The thinnest point of the TV is 4.9mm wide and the display screen is simply incredible. Adding to its skinny profile, the Mi TV 4 is also modular. Its components, such as the display, sound system and motherboard can be easily swapped for any upgrades.

The Mi 4 TV also comes with an independent home theatre system that supports Dolby Atoms surround sound technology, allowing you to hear sound whilst watching in 3D. This means you’re able to hear from all sorts of different angles of the room, making things more interesting and surreal when watching, unlike any other TV with speakers being projected from underneath.

Incredibly thin TV’s are a trending product at CES this year, the Mi 4 isn’t the only TV that is incredibly thin, LG have also introduced something very similar too. The Mi TV 4 comes with a 65-inch display screen and Dolby Atmos, this can be yours for under $2,000 (price to be confirmed) however, if you decide to go without Dolby Atoms then you’ll be looking at paying under $1,500.

Although there is an alternative, the 55-inch and 49-inch models will be available and will be on the market for a cheaper price. Heads-up thanks to Engadget.

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