Boots 70% off sale for January 2017 in-store, online live

By Jordan Milham - Jan 20, 2017

Our final update for the Boots 70% off sale on 20th January 2017, which is today, not only confirms the sale will be live in-store shortly but also that the mini club clothing up to 70% off sale is now live online here at Boots. There’s a number of other product lines discounted, but not to the extent happening in-store today.

Each store will have different open times with hours not changed using the store locator at the official website, although it’s worth using the customer service phone number this morning to get your local store exact opening time.

Where the Boots 70% off sale will be in Jan 2017 – You can see a lot of sale items on the Boots sale section, these have been up to half price, sadly these won’t be boosting to 70% or 75% off today but many items will drop in price further on Friday in-store. Also, please Remember to check our Boots 70% Off sale page that will receive news updates throughout the year for current and future sales.

Original Article: Boots normally kick-off their 70% off sale around mid-January and we expect the same in 2017, as this is a great way for the popular retailer to drum-up increased revenue following the busy shopping season. It’s worth mentioning the Boots Jan 2017 sale might become a 75% off sale, although our insider has informed us this shouldn’t be the case.

In fact, our insider tells us that the Boots 70% off sale will fall on either Wednesday 11th or 18th January, which is Wednesday next week or the following. We’ve been messaged by many Product Reviews readers asking exactly when the Boots 70% off sale will start, so please use the information above as solid details but yet to be confirmed.


In terms what’s included within the deals, the retailer will aim to clear remaining Christmas stock by further discounting and this means the bargains you can find when the 70% off sale goes live can be unreal. Expect No7 gift sets, Soap and Glory gift sets, toys, fragrance sets, baby clothing, and more!

So, whether you’re looking for buying Christmas presents for next year, upcoming birthday gifts, or treating the kids to a new toy or much needed clothing, it will definitely pay to be one of the first to shop the Boots 70% off sale when it starts next week or the following. We’ll confirm when the sale goes live, for now please leave your comments below in regard to what you hope to be reduced.

Are you disappointed that the sale is only taking place in-store this year?

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  • Billy

    Unreal the clearance sale might not happen online,I just hope it does as not all of us can get to store.

  • Luke

    Once again, it looks like Boots are just not ready to make their boost to 70% off with the sale.

  • Sally

    I spoke to someone in-store and they told me that whether it goes ahead will be made the week of when Boots 70% off January sale is expected, which is in the next day or so.

  • Serina Black

    It’s actually going to start Monday 16th January.

    • Si

      I hope you are right, I can’t wait for this sale to start really want to get some bits that I hope are in the Boots sale.

  • Tony

    The Boots 70% off sale will now start on Wednesday 18th, next week.

  • dragon45

    still not on line

  • Helen Johnson

    not online yet 🙁

  • Kerry

    Thanks for the start time, just what I was looking for.

  • Ben

    Boots 70% Sale Starts Online at 5am and instore from 8am TOMORROW!!

  • Rob

    The Boots 70% off sale has been confirmed for this Wednesday, 11th jan.