CES 2017 TV news for the LG SJ9500, SJ8500 and SJ8000

By Peter Chubb - Jan 3, 2017

Even though CES 2017 does not officially kick off until Thursday, January 5, the likes of LG and Samsung will be revealing their intentions a little early, with today, Jan 3 being very likely. One of the most popular consumer electronics during this event are televisions, and this year will be no different. The good news is, we already know of three models that LG will be showing off, and those are the SJ9500, SJ8500 and SJ8000

While we will also get to see a new range of LG OLED TV models this month during the Consumer Electronics Show, the company understands that most people are unable to stretch their budgets and so need to make improvements to its LCD TV models, as they are far more cost effective. The result are those three models above, which includes the SJ9500 Super UHD TV with its 4K LCD said to deliver the best picture quality yet.


LG has made some unique advancements in order to achieve this, one of which is the use of quantum dot film, which is being called Nano Cell technology. The end result is far more accurate colours, a wider viewing angle and even deeper blacks. Compare this to standard LCD screens that lose around 60 per cent of their colour and contrast when viewed from the side, while the new LG SJ9500, SJ8500 and SJ8000 models do not.

Other features that help to make these more complete models are the use of Technicolour Expert Mode, HDR10, Dolby Vision and Hybrid Log Gamma.

In terms of price and a release date, LG has not shared that information, although more details can be found in this press release.

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