COD Infinite Warfare update issues, requires restart then loops

By Jordan Milham - Dec 27, 2016

We are hearing reports of problems with a Call of Duty Infinite Warfare update for today on Xbox One that requires a restart and is stuck in a loop of sorts. While the patch notes for the said update haven’t arrived just yet, we know there’s thousands of tweets describing players getting stuck in this update requires restart loop for only the Infinite Warfare version on just Xbox One multiplayer currently.

You can see a few tweets from our Twitter screenshot below and we’ve also included some screen grabs from the Xbox One system. These show you when the error takes place on Xbox One, which we are yet to hear about a solution to fix this.


This story is developing and we have reached out to Infinity Ward for comment, but haven’t received anything back just yet. We’ll also keep an eye on their Twitter page and update this article as needed.


Have you had any problems after installing the COD Infinite Warfare Xbox One update on 27th December? Leave a comment below with your country and exactly what issues you have had today.

UPDATE: Some gamers have also let us know they keep being told to update the game while playing in Zombies mode and multiplayer, stating they “can’t even play”. This is separate to the update loop glitch being reported, as most people expect to update the game and even get forced out when they need to, but getting stuck in an update loop isn’t any fun at all.

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  • Jodie

    Can anyone please help I go to play multiplayer infinate warfare and it searches for HDD then says update required which takes a couple of seconds says it’s complete but then does this every time I click on multiplayer I have also had a notice to say your local layout has been reset this is all it keeps saying please help

  • MazNani

    having this issue on PS4 right now

  • Dark Scorpion

    Same thing happened to me. close The IW application and boot up MWR and update it. you should then be able to access MWR multiplayer, Infinite Warfare multiplayer and Zombies in Spaceland without any issues. This worked for me and a bunch of my friends on PSN.

    I have no idea why this error happens. My theory is that it has something to do with how IW and MWR are part of the same package albeit two separate games and for this specific update (and perhaps other updates) you need to update them both for it to work.

  • Balls

    This sux balls paid heaps for thi game clowns this is what happens when they pillage from black ops 3

  • George

    Same issue here…quite irritating.

  • Jess

    my Infinite Warfare game keeps asking me to restart and when I did it then gets stuck this loop, not the first time this has happened to me I would like to add.