FFXV Aranea Glitch after New Game Plus

As we just told you in our patch notes section, FFXV update 1.03 is now live. Square-Enix has released the New Game Plus option that they promised, but we can still see the now infamous FFXV Aranea glitch is still in the game.

We’re not sure what is going on, but this glitch is having a mixed reception from fans. We ourselves have seen Aranea popping up at random places in the game with a short cutscene saying that she’s joining your party.

This lasts a few seconds, then she leaves again only to start an endless loop where she falls to the ground over and over again.

After the Final Fantasy XV 1.03 patch, New Game+ lets you start the game again keeping a lot of your precious items. However, as you can see above Aranea is still at the start of the game continuing a glitch from story mode and it may be getting frustrating for some of you.

Others have seen Aranea popping up in random selfies taken by Prompto too, so it’s a bit bizarre that Square-Enix didn’t notice this when deploying 1.03.

What are your thoughts on Aranea bugs in FFXV, have you seen any on your game? Give us your best ones below and we’ll let you know if we have an official statement from Square-Enix to share.

Perhaps the best question to ask you, do you want to have this Aranea party member glitch in FFXV as a permanent feature?



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