Infinite Warfare Polana error fix after update failure

We know that many of you have been experiencing problems with the latest Infinite Warfare update, which arrived this week as version 1.06.

Specifically, this appears to be targeting Xbox One users only with many complaints saying that “The game will now restart due to an update failure” on Infinite Warfare.

We’re not sure why it’s doing that, but it happened to a lot of users with the last update and we’re hoping that the same thing doesn’t happen when it comes to the Infinite Warfare 1.07 update in due course.

For those who are looking for an Infinite Warfare Polana error fix when you get the text above, here is the fix that has worked for a lot of players:


You need to go to your Games and Apps, then to Infinite Warfare and press start. Once there, select manage game on the left side panel and hit “Saved Data”. On the right panel choose “Reserved Space” then press “A” and Select Clear reserved space.

Then when you open up the game and go to multiplayer it should download the update again and restart everything clearing up any errors that might have caused the problems the first time.

This method should hopefully work for the next Infinite Warfare patch, so be sure to let us know if you run into problems.



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