GTA 5 Import Export DLC trailer today

Gamers have been left surprised after expecting the GTA 5 Import Export DLC trailer to go live earlier this week, only for Rockstar to put a spanner in the works by delaying it.

Although Rockstar didn’t announce an official release date for the new GTA 5 DLC yet, it is widely believed that Tuesday December 13 is going to be when the update is out since Rockstar usually deploy new content on a Tuesday morning, UK time.

If Tuesday is the day, then that means we should be getting the trailer release time at any moment on Friday. Some gamers believe that Rockstar may have changed their strategy in releasing trailers on a Friday followed by the update on Tuesdays.


If that is true, then we could have the trailer released today so stay tuned to Rockstar’s social media channels such as Twitter.

At the same time, we have seen Rockstar give a heads-up usually before a trailer is out but this time they have chosen not to.

We can see that gamers are getting frustrated over this and asking when the GTA 5 Import Export DLC trailer is out, so let us know how you feel below.

You can recap the new vehicles have have been leaked here, while there’s some extra information on Christmas content coming in the same update here.

Once the trailer is live, we will add it for you below!



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