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Pokemon Go Gen 2 update confirmed with countdown

We now have official confirmation that Pokemon Go is definitely receiving new Pokemon very soon. There were rumors that Gen 2 were coming to the game and now Niantic labs has given out some information regarding this.

While still not confirming specifically that Generation II Pokemon in Pokemon Go are coming, it looks like a forgone conclusion at this point.

In a recent statement regarding a new partnership with Sprint in the US, Niantic followed up with this to say:


As you can see the big day is on December 12, meaning that we don’t have long to wait at all and that the reveal is going to be happening over the weekend.

The countdown is now on and Niantic will reveal what new Pokemon are coming to Pokemon Go here. Are you still playing the game daily and can’t get enough of Pokemon Go?

Tell us what Gen 2 Pokemon you would love to see in the game, if you could make your own list. Come back here soon for the official reveal!



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