iOS 10.2 release time just days away?

By Peter Chubb - Dec 7, 2016

Update: Apple has said that iOS 10.2 will be released next week, and not this week.

iOS 10.2 beta 6 was released yesterday, and so means we are entering the final stages before its public release. If we are to go on what happened last year, then we suspect the iOS 10.2 release date and time are now just days away.

iOS 10 security

The thing is, it is hard to pinpoint an exact date that Apple will make the iOS 10.2 download live, but it could be any day now. If we were to offer our best guess, then it could either be on December 7, 8th or 9th. We just cannot see Apple making us wait past this week, seeing as though we now have the sixth beta in the wild.

In terms of what time the iOS 10.2 will go live, we would presume at 6PM GMT, although seeing as though there is no big event on, it could really be earlier than that.

However, the good news is that the iPhone 4s onwards will be supported, as will the iPad 2 onwards.

We have to wonder if Apple will be able to fix the battery life issues that some iPhone 7 owners have been experiencingalthough we have had no such problems.

Having said that, we do still keep having a few issues with Touch ID, where it often fails to recognise our fingerprints, and so have to keep entering the passcode instead.

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  • DW

    Please fix the countless Facetime issues. IOS 10 ruined it. Now that Whatsapp is more integrated and supports video, I rarely use FT anymore. It is just aggrevating to work with: Facetime video has MASSIVE video issues, also, when disconnecting from bluetooth, it won’t automatically switch to speaker but expects you to hold the phone to your ear?!? It’s video!!!! You can’t even switch to speaker, because it’s video, forcing me to hang up and redial. Oh and facetime audio use useless without any audio!!! I don’t have time for this! I know 3 people that switched to the pixel. I’ll be next if 10.2 won’t address these issues. And by God, Apple, fix your keyboard and make it as intuitive as it once was.