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Picture of Santa in your home with Capture the Magic, Catchy app

We cannot believe how fast this time of the year has come around, as it only seems like a few months ago that we were taking our Christmas trees down. Well, it’s now December 2, 2016 and people are truly getting into the Holiday season spirit, even if it does seem that bit too early.


Many parents often work very hard to give their children a magical Christmas, with making preparations on Christmas Eve so that they can prove to their kids that Santa was actually in their home. There are many ways to do this, such as showing them the footprints that Father Christmas had left in your home, to reindeer droppings. However, nothing will beat actual photographic evidencesomething that many kids seem to want these days.

Thankfully, there are a couple of ways in which you can take a picture of Santa Claus in your home, the first is with the Capture the Magic website, and the other is by using their Catchy app on Google Play and the iTunes.

It’s very easy to get proof that Father Christmas was in your house, as these tools allow you to grab a photo of a room in your home, and then place the images of Santa from either the website or the app. All the instructions can be found explained HERE. We would advise you to create your photos now, but do not show your child until Christmas morning.



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