Final Fantasy XV Cactuar location and spawn time

By Alan Ng - Dec 1, 2016

If you are playing Final Fantasy XV, you may have spotted by chance a peculiar cactus man running around in the desert on Chapter 1.

For those not familiar with this, it’s the return of a iconic enemy in Final Fantasy and now we have a heads-up on how to find the Cactuar location in Final Fantasy XV.

You’ll need to know that finding one is extremely rare and as far as we’re aware, it looks like there is a certain Cactuar spawn time in FFXV as well.


We can tell you that this should be between 4am to 8am in-game time and two locations you can find Cactuar in FFXV are north west of Hammerhead or North of Longwythe.

We have seen Cactuar with our own eyes and if you meet him at the start of the game, he will be level 15.


The battle is a tough one if you are only level 1 as he can put all kinds of status on your party. The rewards are great though, you’ll get up to 7,000 EXP per Cactuar battle and we can also confirm that the Cactuar drops an Oracle Ascension Coin as well – rare items that you need to save until the end of the game!

It’s well worth trying to find these Cactuars, so spend a little time searching for one. There’s reports from the community that a Cactuar can spawn every 15-minutes of in-game time between the times above, but we’re yet to verify this.

We also have intel that the Cactuar weakness in FFXV is Ice and Lightning magic,as well as guns and daggers so be sure to make use of them!

How did you get on with finding a Cactuar in FFXV? Share your experiences below and leave any other helpful information for other players below.

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  • Brian Sardea

    Idk how lucky I was. I spent just around 5 mins loitering around the specified area at around 7:00-7:59 in-game. Then I heard a weird sound. Then that’s it. Look for where that sound was coming and then youll find him hopping silly. and thats it…. yummy easy experience. TIPS. play on head phones, that way you can basically turn yourself to a doppler radar and be able to detect him.

  • Seraph Zadyr

    I just can’t find the one by Hammerhead… Maybe I should try the Longwythe one. Do you have more precise infos then just North of Longwythe? Thanks a bunch ^^

    • NgTurbo

      Keep trying the hammerhead one, don’t forget it’s a rare appearance and I’ve heard players going for hours without finding one you just need a little luck. Also, I personally saw my Cactuar by the Lucian Tomato plant at the start of the game in the corner of the map by the camp site so his location differs. Hard to pin that little guy down!

      • Seraph Zadyr

        Sadly I am one of those guys… Could not find one for several hours… Maybe I should give up XD

    • DrStumbles

      I’m curious about the one north of Longwythe as well since it has the inn with a X1.5 xp boost. The one NW of Hammerhead spawns in the vicinity of the marked treasure on your map closest to the outpost. You’ll find two Dualhorns hanging between a rock and a tree. Take them out then just run in I nice wide circle around that spot. I got to that rock by 7 on the game’s clock and found him by about 13. Its basically no different than a monster you pick to hunt at he diner: it only appears in daytime. So, all I did was mark that treasure spot, then I just ran in a circle around it slowly spiraling out further and further till I was about 400-500 ft out from the marker. After about 3 more encounters after the killing the Dualhorns, he sprung up.

      • Seraph Zadyr

        That sounds interesting, I am totally gonna try this! Thank you very much 🙂