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Latest Fujifilm X100F news points to apparent specs

The Fujifilm X100T successor is said to be released in February 2017, although you would have assumed the company would have used CES as a platform to announce its release.


While we do not have any official news, latest rumours suggest that the model will be the Fujifilm X100F and that it could feature a 24MP X-Trans CMOS III sensor.

As for the other apparent Fujifilm X100F specs, the successor to the now discontinued X100T looks as though it will stick with the same 23mm f/2.0 lens because of it being a pretty decent lens. It might come as a disappointment to some of you that were hoping for an upgrade in that department, but we guess that will only happen once Fuji decides on a radial update to the series.

Other features are rumoured to include shutter/ISO dial and joystick layout, which is the very same used on the X-Pro2. Things are not looking too good in the battery department either, as this is also set to stay the same, which is a shame because a larger capacity battery was very much needed.

Hold on one moment though, as the Fuji X100F does seem as though it will have a new style dial, which is said to be located on the top of the front grip. Like all rumours, we ask that you take this with a pinch of salt.



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