Fallout 4 price still amazing at Amazon UK

We know that the Black Friday and Cyber Monday gaming deals are coming to an end, but we wanted to give you a heads-up on one deal that we have spotted which is still available on Fallout 4, one of the best games of recent years for those yet to play it.

The best price for Fallout 4 in the UK at the moment could be from Amazon UK who are currently offering it on both PS4 and Xbox One for just £12.99.

For a game that could be a contender for GOTY and which has some extremely good DLC expansion packs, £12.99 is an absolute bargain anyway you look at it.


The good news is that you have until December 4 to take advantage of the discounted price so you still have time if you need to consider it.

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If you are ready to buy though, you’ll find the visual link above which will take you straight to the purchase page.

Have you seen a better deal for Fallout 4 elsewhere? Leave us a comment below and we’ll add it above.



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