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Amazon Fire 7-inch Tablet UK Recall concerns explained

If you own an Amazon Fire 7-inch Tablet, then we need to make you aware of the fact that the retailer has issued a product recall for the device in the UK and Ireland 9 MONTHS AGO. The company has a recall program in place, and so you will want to take action right away because there is a risk of an electrical shock.

Hype is being built on this recall due to loads selling over Black Friday, when the fact is it was issued back in March of this year. The Voluntary Recall and Exchange Programme (full details here) is actually for the Power Adapter that was sold with Amazon’s 7-inch Fire Tablet because there have been circumstances where the adapter assembly could become detached when being removed from the wall socket.


We have also included an image above of an email that was sent out by Amazon to one of its customers. This was in response to their concern about the charger with her Kindle, saying that her current model is totally fine.

Amazon has said that customer safety is their biggest concern, and so ask that if you do still have one of these faulty adapters, then you need to follow the instructions that can be found in the link in the second paragraph.

Please remember, if you do have one of the original adapters, then could you please stop using them right away. However, you can still use the USB cable that came with your Kindle, just not the power adapter that came with it.



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