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iPhone 7s or 8 price and expanded lineup concern

The name of the next iPhone is not the issue, even if we do not know if it will be the iPhone 7s as it should be, or the iPhone 8 because it being the 10th anniversary of the device. Apple will have other things to contend with because their decisions could be of great concern to their customers – although many of you believe that Apple do not really care too much about their customers these days, and more so the bottom line.


iPhone 7s or 8 price could be one of the biggest concerns – because if Apple decided to opt for a Curved OLED display, then this is certain to have a greater production cost, and we know that Apple will have to pass that on to their customers. This will not go down well with people in the UK, as they already had to face facts if they wanted the iPhone 7, then they would have to part with even more money for the benefit, and looking at the exchange rate, that was not all down to the drop in the value of the pound.

Another concern that we can see happening next year (if rumours are true of course) is the several new iPhone models, which could consist of the the iPhone 7s/8, the Pro model and also what could be called the Anniversary model or limited edition iPhone X. It is that latter model that might come with all the bells and whistles, such as that OLED curved display.

We know that Apple are not afraid to complicate its range, but we just hope that they do not do this with the 2017 iPhone lineup.

Just hitting on that subject once again about Apple not caring about customers; we know that most companies only care about the bottom line, but Apple is now at the stage where they have lost the edge, which many believe is due to Tim Cook and Jony Ive. Tim is all corparate, and so nothing like Steve Jobs, and feel this could see Apple enter another bad period. As for Jony, there are those that feel it is about time Apple got in some fresh, young blood to help breathe new life into its designs.



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