Final Fantasy XV Mage Masher Amazon DLC code live

We are pleased to report that those who pre-ordered Final Fantasy XV from Amazon should now have received the exciting Final Fantasy XV Mage Masher DLC code.

Amazon UK has just sent out the codes as of Monday November 28, at roughly 7.30PM UK time. The codes were delivered via email and include instructions on how to redeem the Mage Masher DLC for FFXV on either PS4 or Xbox One.

Here’s a sample of the email as confirmation that they have now been sent out to customers:


Remember that Amazon’s bonus also contains the Camera Kit DLC for FFXV as well, altogether two items which fans believe could be the best package that Amazon offers compared to other bonuses at different retailers.


Final Fantasy XV is already live in many countries with different timezones so if you did order from Amazon you can enjoy your Mage Masher from Final Fantasy 9 right now.

Let us know if you received your code from Amazon, or if you are having any problems getting it to work.



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