Acer X756UX-HI51105W 17.3-inch performance laptop reviews MIA

By Peter Chubb - Nov 28, 2016

You don’t have to always spend a small fortune on a laptop in order to play games on them, although this does always depend on the type of game you wish to play. Many mid-range laptops are able to handle most games, although if you want a more graphic intensive game, then you are going to have to dig that bit deeper to get a model with a more powerful processor and more RAM, and a much better graphics card.

Take the Acer X756UX-HI51105W for example; this is a 17.3-inch laptop that comes with a Skylake processor with NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics. 12GB of RAM and also support for 1080p video playback, and so has all the right ingredients for a mid-range gaming laptop.


Now that we have breezed over the Acer X756UX-HI51105W specs, we bet we now have your attention? What you actually have here is a laptop with a 17-inch screen, a Intel Core i5-6200U dual-core processor with 3MB cache and 2.3GHZ, up to 2.8GHz. This working in perfect harmony with the 12GB of DDR4 RAM and the dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M graphics. Battery life is up to 5 hours and you also get a 1TB hard drive, we just wish this was an SSD to help improve the speed, although Best Bey would have to put a higher price on the laptop then.

Speaking of which, it looks as though Best Buy is the only retailer selling the Acer X756UX-HI51105W, which is not a bad thing seeing as though you can currently purchase it at a reduced price of $599.99.

What does concern us is the lack of Acer X756UX-HI51105W 17″ reviews, as there are none. There are no user reviews on Best Buy, which is strange, and so we can only assume that this is not a very popular model, or one that the company has only just started to sell. Having said that this could be one of those models that are exclusive between Acer and Best Buy.

We did come across one review though, and so you might want to have a little read over this first before you make your decision to purchase this laptop.

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  • Sardonic_Realist

    I’m not having good luck with mine over the last 90 days. It often requires a full power down restart to get a successful boot. It is much slower than my 2-3 year old Dell work laptop. Some of the ASUS specific functions, like toggling the screen on/off only turn things off, requiring a full reboot. In general, I do not recommend this machine at all.

  • MaxdogVF213

    I just bought this laptop from BB and so far I love it.. I’m not a huge PC gamer, play the occasional WoW but for gaming I love My Xbox One S.
    Anyways, aside from being a huge Windows 10 hater, I really do like this PC. It is comfortable, rather fast, surfs the web like a champ with multiple open proggys despite the total garbage WiFi card.
    I also did max out the ram to 16gigs and it showed a worth the money differ, but nothing to scream about. Prior to this I had a rather stocked HP Pavilion DV7-7025DX with an I7 that was 5 years or so old.
    My big issues are small stuff really for most, No light up keyboard, crappy ethernet I think it is called thing, Function keys are reversed and cant be switched or set to be sticky keys. Gets annoying in game having to use 2 hands to turn volume up or down, web cam is crap but isn’t really something I use anyways, and not a big fan of Edge and I despise Cortana, and ya cant uninstall it or shut it down completely. That’s more of a Win 10 hatred not the PC. Oh and the numb lock keys don’t stay on when restarting or booting up, OH, BTW!! I REALLY do miss My finger scanner thing for username and passwords as I use many of em for differ sites due to stupid hackers making companies require more special keys in em rather then just numbers or letters.
    In the end though I find this lappy well worth the $550 plus extended geek squad plan I paid for it. WoW looks great and it keeps up with what I throw at it rather well. I do recommend a decent SSD, you will notice a difference as well that out weighs the few cons I have on this machine, you can find em on sale all the time for a heck of a deal at loads of stores, I got a 1T Samsung with a cloning tool that makes it crazy simple to swap all your settings and files for $219 I think it was from one of those crazy BB rewards member flash sales they throw around a lot.

    Hope this helped a bit and even with the rambling on, I will answer any questions I have exp Myself, but as I said I am not super techy smart so anything ya might ask, use PC dumbarse talk. lol..

  • Soul Fly

    Needs finger print scanner like Hp Envy. Geforce GTX 950 works fine with BF1 and WOT. Not as much bloatware as HP Envy which was a good thing.

    • Gary le

      So you own this model? May i ask what your pros and cons are? Thanks