Steven Gerrard SBC Legend card for FIFA 17 hype

By Alan Ng - Nov 25, 2016

After the groundbreaking announcement of Steven Gerrard’s retirement from football, we can see that the fan demands are growing by the day for EA to step in an announce a special Steven Gerrard Legend card or an SBC for FIFA 17 Ultimate Team.

EA has not confirmed anything of course, but we do know that they are running a special event in the game right now for Black Friday. This event includes random SBC ‘flash’ events meaning that new SBC cards are going to be available throughout the day.

We doubt EA would put a Gerrard SBC into this time limited event for one day only, but it could happen if EA really want to be in a devilish mood.


In the meantime, feast your eyes on the image above showing what a potential Steven Gerrard SBC card in FUT 17 could look like above, thanks to Twitter user La5ty.

Don’t forget, there is also the possibility for EA to introduce a Steven Gerard Legend card which would be for Xbox One owners only.

You can get a really nice concept of that in the image below courtesy of CriminalFIFA – we would absolutely love to see something like this in the game as a special award.

Do you agree that EA should give the fans what they want and introduce a Gerrard SBC or Legend card on FIFA 17 this season? EA will only act if enough fans demand it, so say yes or no below!

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