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Hisense 50CU6000 50″ 4K 2160p TV review mystery

Hisense is not one of the most known brands when it comes to TVs, although this is not a bad thing because the models available are affordable, and therefore consumers are able to grab more of a bargain when compared to the likes of LG and Samsung.

Take the Hisense 50CU6000 50″ 4K 2160p 60 Hz TV for example, which you are able to purchase from Target right now, although in-store only for $249.99. This model might not come with all the latest specs and features, but what this does do is get you on the 4K TV ladder, but at a fraction of the cost.


We have looked at other 4K Ultra HD models, but we have to say, the Hisense 50CU6000 is a great all-rounder because it has that perfect balance in terms of its size.

So what of those Hisense 50CU6000 specs? Well looking over the list they are pretty much what we expected, such as a 2160p resolution, with a 60Hz refresh rate, which we do find a bit on the slow side. There are 4 HDMI ports, which is perfect, 10W x 2 sound output, and so much more. You can find full details on features and specification on the Hisense website.

What we do find a bit worrying is how there are no Hisense 50CU6000 reviews, not even one of them. Usually retailers have user reviews, but not on the Target website. And Hisense does not have much information either apart from the specification sheet. What’s even more confusing is how the official website does not even have a manual download or any other product support.

Were you able to buy one of these TVs, and if so what are your thoughts?



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