Hisense 50CU6000 50″ 4K 2160p TV review mystery

By Peter Chubb - Nov 25, 2016

Hisense is not one of the most known brands when it comes to TVs, although this is not a bad thing because the models available are affordable, and therefore consumers are able to grab more of a bargain when compared to the likes of LG and Samsung.

Take the Hisense 50CU6000 50″ 4K 2160p 60 Hz TV for example, which you are able to purchase from Target right now, although in-store only for $249.99. This model might not come with all the latest specs and features, but what this does do is get you on the 4K TV ladder, but at a fraction of the cost.


We have looked at other 4K Ultra HD models, but we have to say, the Hisense 50CU6000 is a great all-rounder because it has that perfect balance in terms of its size.

So what of those Hisense 50CU6000 specs? Well looking over the list they are pretty much what we expected, such as a 2160p resolution, with a 60Hz refresh rate, which we do find a bit on the slow side. There are 4 HDMI ports, which is perfect, 10W x 2 sound output, and so much more. You can find full details on features and specification on the Hisense website.

What we do find a bit worrying is how there are no Hisense 50CU6000 reviews, not even one of them. Usually retailers have user reviews, but not on the Target website. And Hisense does not have much information either apart from the specification sheet. What’s even more confusing is how the official website does not even have a manual download or any other product support.

Were you able to buy one of these TVs, and if so what are your thoughts?

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  • OBI10

    Hello… I will leave this here: http://ovh.to/Hez9gLo
    Link expires in 30 days… May 14, 2017

  • Bzyzny

    Not 100% sure but looks like this is the same as sharp lc50n6000u (hisense owns sharp name in USA)

  • kedduff

    This tv is the same as the H7 Line, and it definitely does have HDR albeit a limited version. The H8 series got the firmware update so that consoles like Xbox One S can use the HDR feature, but this tv did not get that firmware update yet, hopefully it will later on. This tv however does 4k upscaling on the new xbox which verified in the Xbox One S display settings. This Hisense 50CU6000 set does Upscale HD content to near 4k from cable box and other sources that I’ve tried, so everything on it looks better than normal. 4k content is especially jaw droppingly beautiful on this Tv. Its like your looking out a window.

  • Ray

    I too waited in line to grab this TV for the crazy price of $250, and I am impressed. The 4k content plays quickly and smoothly on YouTube and Amazon Video. The latter is especially welcome since you Amazon doesn’t support Chromecast. The sound is incredibly rich and loud, so much so that I won’t ever go past 20% volume to avoid upsetting my neighbors.

  • Brad B

    Has anyone else noticed an issue with motion blur or the picture getting glitchy in certain scenes with fast moving objects . Also when there are flashes like camera flashes it puts lines all the way
    horizontally along screen .

    • Nick A

      Haven’t seen the horizontal lines but the motion blur is a setting you can select on the TV. Go to Settings > Utra Smooth Motion and turn it off to remove motion blur.

    • Amit Gupta

      I also faced it and thought the TV is defective before reading this blog

  • Michael D

    I appreciate Dougs research. TV is great. it would be good to get the firmware updates for these ‘exclusive’ models. I too supsect that it could match the specs of the H7.

  • Doug Bell

    Got one at Target on Thanksgiving Day. The spec sheet online says the Hisense 50CU6000 is basically the Hisense 50H6. I called Hisense customer service and gave them the model number and the rep. Told me the model was a Sam’s Club exclusive model. He said that Sam’s Club must have sold the lot of 50CU6000 to Target. Then he told me the model had HDR and was equivalent to the Hisense H7 which conflicts the online spec sheet. But the H6 does not have HDR & the H7 does. And when you go to set up the 50CU6000 you can go to an option I thinks it is called, “About this TV”, or “About your TV”, and it shows the difference between using the HDR and shows a split screen showing you standard vs HDR and how it enhances the picture so I assume it must have the HDR. He said you can only stream 4K video with this television are view 4K via USB, Same goes for the H6 & H7. He said a firmware update would be released but no time frame on when this would happen had been made available so you can watch 4K via HDMI. A firmware update has only been issued to only the H8 so far to view 4K via HDMI he stated.

    My impression so far is this is a great TV. Especially for $250.00 I got it as a Black Friday doorbuster. You get 4K, HDR, nice remote with Netflix, Amazon Prime, VUDU, & YouTube quick button on the remote. Smart TV interface is simple and easy to use. I streamed 4K video through Netflix and it looked amazing. And to top it off Hisense gives all 4K televisions a standard 4 year manufacturers warranty which is unheard of. So yes you can find better TV’s out there. But for $250.00 I don’t think you could get anywhere close to the quality, features, & warranty the Hisense 50CU6000 offers. Hope this helps give some clarity on the model.

    • DeadHead

      So it does or does not have HDR?

      • Doug Bell

        Yes it has HDR. Hisense confirmed it is a model that doesn’t quite have all of the features of the H7 but has more than the H6. I have both this TV and picked up the H7 at Sam’s Club for $299.99. I was so impressed with the 50CU6000, I figured might as well. I honestly could not tell a difference between the two. The only difference is when you hit the menu button the way it displays the apps, etc. looks a little different. The 50CU6000 has a more simplistic way of showing the menu, which I prefer. No advantage in the way the H7 displays the menu. Other than that pretty much the same television. Both have HDR, if you can get the 50CU6000 cheaper than the 50H7 don’t really see any advantage on spending the extra money on H7.

        • brandon

          You said 4k only through usb but then you said you watch on netflicks? So i cant hook up a 4k blu ray player and watch 4k blu rays up to the hdmi?

  • Joshua Smith

    I bought one of these at target. So far it has been great. Installation was simple and the tv seems to be pretty intuitive when linking with all of my components. I registered the product and hope the 4 year warranty is a good safety net.