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LG 65UH6030 review based on size choice

It’s not really a surprise to see countries such as the US and UK go mad at this time of the year for new TVs, as there are always incentives going on in the build up to Christmas. The biggest issue people will will face is which store to buy from, although knowing what brand to choose form is also a huge issue as well.


Let’s say you have made your choice and that you want to go for an LG 4K Ultra HD TV, then you have just made your job that bit easier. However, you still have to think about what price you are willing to pay, along with the size screen you want. We have two options that you should consider, and these are the LG 55UH6030 and 65UH6030.

HHGreg certainly want you to buy any one of these TV models, as they are offering two incentives, and that’s a price reduction on both, along with a Blu-ray Player as well. While we do not want to go into that deal, we do want to allow you to make your own decision as to which of these two you should choose.

The thing is, while this does come down to size at the end of the day, as you might not be able to fit the larger model in your room, or the small size model two would look lost in a large room, it also comes down to how much you are willing to pay for an extra 10 inches of screen size.

Personally, we do not feel paying an extra $300 is worth choosing the 65-inch model over the 50-inch and so we would much rather the latter. Thankfully, HHGregg has more than 20 user reviews, and so will give you a good insight into what this model is all about, and whether it’s worth it or not. As for the LG 55UH6030, we have offered our own insight in this recent article.



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