Confirmation Xiaomi Mi Mix Nano will not be released

By Peter Chubb - Nov 24, 2016

With rumors of a Xiaomi Mi Mix Nano, all people wanted to know was what date would it be released, and also what sort of specs could we expect to see from the smaller device.


However, we have some bad news for you, because Weibo has confirmation that Xiaomi’s marketing director Zang Zhiyuan said that the company is not working on the Mi Mix Nano.

Now that this news has been released, we do hope that this will put an end to the silly rumors, because they were starting to get out of hand. If you still do not believe us, then Zhiyuan’s quote, “There’s no such product as Xiaomi Mi Mix Nano,” will surely put the rumors to bed.

Ok, so we cannot blame people for believing such rumors, although experience tells us we should never believe anything until the actual company tells us for themselves.

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