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Lenovo Tab 10 not 3 leads to Android 10.1 review confusion

If someone were to ask you about a tablet, you are more likely to mention one of the Samsung models or an iPad. However, you should never forget about some of the other brands available, such as Lenovo. We thought we would mention this brand because we have seen an increasing number of people asking more about the Lenovo Tab 10 and not the Tab 3.


Some people have actually been asking us what we think about the Lenovo Tab 3 10.1 that is available at Walmart. Now this is the strange thing because they don’t actually have one of these models. Upon more research, neither does the Lenovo website, Amazon or many of the other top US retailers.

Having asked more questions about the specs of the device, we were told that it comes with a 10.1 IPS display, Qualcomm Quad-core processor, 16GB of storage and up to 10 hours of battery life and a 5-megapixel camera on the rear and 2MP up front.

Taking all of those details into consideration we can tell you that this is actually the Lenovo Tab 10 10.1-inch model. Now we know what you are thinking – yes you can get a Tab 3 with that size screen, but this is a Yoga model and has a completely different look.

Now that we know what the actual model is, you might want to look for a Lenovo Tab 10 10.1 review review first. However, this is even more confusing, as there does not seem to be any. Having said that, we do know that Walmart has one of their website, which to us does seem like the one people have been searching for.



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