Tunturi Classic Run 3.0 Treadmill review with attractive price

You know that over the Christmas period, or the Holiday season as people are wrongly calling it, you tend to put on more weight because of over indulgence. You then start the New Year saying you plan to lose weight by cutting down on what you eat, and also working out, although that tends to last just a few weeks.


However, there is a way to make certain you stick to your goal of losing weight and getting fit in the process, and that’s to purchase exercise equipment that costs a good amount and so forcing you to keep using it. One piece of equipment that we feel will prove very popular right now is the Tunturi Classic Run 3.0 Treadmill.

This is classed as a second level machine, and so comes with some great features, although this is reflected in its price. Speaking of which, you would normally expect to pay around £1,500, but Tesco is currently selling the Classic Run 3.0 Treadmill at a reduced cost of £799.00, a saving of £700.99.

We did try to locate some reviews for you, although there are not too many around. However, we did come across one Tunturi Classic Run 3.0 Treadmill review, and while the reviewer does sit on the fence and does not give you a definitive answer as to whether you should purchase it or not. Having said that, they do go into detail about many aspects of its features, which is very informative.

Well, we ask that you read the review and then come to an informed decision yourself, although we suspect that new price will help you decide.



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