Tesco snubs Black Friday TV deals for 2016

By Peter Chubb - Nov 21, 2016

We do not like to go too much into detail about Black Friday because the Internet is already saturated with all the upcoming deals. However, we thought we would bring it to your attention about our concern for the lack of Tesco TV deals during Black Friday 2016.


The thing is, one of the staple items for a Black Friday sales has always been TVs, and so we are perplexed as to why Tesco does not have a single television model in this year’s sales?

On the whole the Tesco Black Friday 2016 event seems to be very poor, although we are told that what’s on offer can change from 21/11/16 to 01/12/16. However, you would have assumed that the UK retailer would have kicked things off with better deals to get people interested?

Having said that, you have to wonder if Tesco is playing the long game, and by not showing their hand at first would mean consumers keep visiting the website several times a day to see if anything else new has been added?

Looking over many of the deals in the UK from various retailers, this year’s Black Friday event does seem a bit of a non-starter, with reduced prices pretty much the same as we see all round. Let’s hope that we do see greater reductions this Friday, or hopefully next week for Cyber Monday.

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