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Quasar 32-inch LED TV SQ3208 review warning

We have already looked at the larger Quasar 55-inch 4K TV, but now it’s time to see how the smaller 32-inch Quasar TV handles in comparison.

Straight away, you’ll need to know that this isn’t a full HD TV. The Quasar SQ3208 only supports a 720p resolution which means that you will probably need this as a secondary TV for the bedroom.

With this in mind, features are basic as Quasar SQ3208 TV specs include a 60Hz refresh rate, just two HDMI ports, 1 USB port, 3000:1 contrast ratio and VGA port for those who want to use this display as a PC monitor.

You can see a full glance of the tech specs in the image which we’ve provided below.


We know that HEB will be offering this TV for a low price this month, but are the features worthy of a purchase? The typical price for the SQ3208 is around $200 but you may be able to pick one up for under $100 from retailers such as HEB during the sales.

Given the fact that this TV doesn’t have full HD, it won’t be compatible fully with the PS4 and Xbox One so consider this a warning for you since it’s still advertised as a HD TV.

It’s also a complete mystery in terms of product feedback too with no Quasar SQ3208 TV reviews online whatsoever and also no official product listing website from Quasar when it comes to getting support for it.

The Quasar SQ3208 manual here is your only saving grace for finding out further information on it, but the warning signs may be there already for a few of you.

Are you worried about the lack of information for this television? Give us your thoughts below.



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