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NuVision TM785A520L 7.85-inch Wi-Fi Tablet review inconsistency

Over the past days we have seen people searching frantically for a NuVision 7.85-inch Wi-Fi Tablet, and the search results they tend to find are for the TM785M3. We can understand the mistake, but the more up-to-date version of this runs Android 5.1 Lollipop, and for that you need the TM785A520L model.


You can still get both direct on the NuVision website, and so we can understand the confusion, along with more reviews for the TM785M3 version as well.

There are not too many differences when looking over the specs, although two of the main ones are the color and that version of Android.

The NuVision TM785A520L 7.85-inch Wi-Fi Tablet is black in color and not white like that other model, and come with an Intel 1.83GHz quad core processor. There is also 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, a 3-megapixel rear-facing camera and also a memory card lot to help increase storage further.

In terms of the NuVision TM785A520L tablet price is usually $119.99, although you can get it for half that at Office Depot, so for a limited time only just $59.99.

Both NuVision and Amazon have user reviews for this model tablet, and we can see an inconsistency in what consumers think of the TM785A520L. Some of them say they use it to play games on, while others say it’s not that great to play games on. However, we will advise that it is perfectly fine to play games on, just make sure they are not ones that demand heavy use of the processor.



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