macOS 10.12.2 needed now for graphics readout problems

By Peter Chubb - Nov 19, 2016

Ok, so before we get started, we would just like to point out this is a small issue and so nothing to truly concern yourself about – although it is still an issue nevertheless. It would seem that some new MacBook Pro devices are suggesting that they are running Iris Pro 580 integrated graphics, and not Intel HD Graphics 530, as they are meant to have.


We already knew that Store MacBook Pro with OLED Touch Bar were reporting the same thing, but assumed this was just an error and would be resolved by the public release, but it’s still happening.

With this still happening it would seem the only way to remove this MacBoo Pro reporting problem is with the release of macOS 10.12.2, which we presume is not too long away now.

Having said that, we could still be waiting several weeks, seeing as though we are only on beta 2 at the moment, and taking this into consideration, we could still be waiting a few weeks, and so leading up to Christmas.

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