Elio Motors E1c car almost production ready

By Peter Chubb - Nov 18, 2016

There are still skeptics out there that do not believe anything Elio Motors says, and so are still taking the latest reveal during the LA auto show with a grain of salt. The company revealed their E1c engineering vehicle, which is said to be the most up-to-date version of the pre-production car yet.

Elio Motors delivery date

If you are not one of those skeptics, then you will see this as a positive sign, and believe the Elio Motors E1c 3-wheeler car is almost production ready. Elio said during the show yesterday that their 84-mile-per-gallon gas-powered vehicle is around 80 percent production ready, and are now focusing on key features.

Those features are its interior, its ride and finally, and most importantly safety. We do find it strange that Elio Motors are only working on these things now, although you would assume they have already been worked on, and things are just being fine-tuned following test drives. The thing is, we know that when you have these things ready and you take a vehicle out on the road, things never work how they should and so takes several improvements to make things perfect.

Going back to that safety aspect, which has to be the most important part of these latest updates; it seems as though Elio has now gone for a unibody frame, and also has front airbags. This should do enough to alleviate those concerns over driving such a small, light 3-wheeled vehicle.

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  • fred smith the deplorable

    When Elio started taking reservations in 2013, they said that the R&D was done. They didn’t actually start real R&D until after the Reg A+ offering was complete, ie 3 years after they said it was complete.

    As always, they play fast and loose with the truth, which is why informed people who have followed this project for the last 3-4 years (what you would call skeptics) don’t believe anything Elio says at face value.

    The current black show car, which is supposed to be the most up-to-date version yet, has the engine directly lifted out of the red show car from last year. It has none of the updates that were made to the white show/test car from mid-2016. Take a look at the engine bay images from all three vehicles side-by-side and it is pretty obvious.

    • Robbissimo

      I’ve also been watching since 2013 and placed my order for one only a few months ago. I’ve seen enough to convince me that production will commence soon enough. I’ll be happy with a car anytime in the next two years and am confident that’s a reasonable timeline.

  • Cris Cassity

    Hotcakes,popcorn. Elios will sell like crazy.