Toshiba 55L621U review alert after PS4 Pro bundle

By Alan Ng - Nov 16, 2016

For those that are looking for a 4K TV with PS4 Pro bundle, one deal which is catching the eye right now is from Best Buy who are offering a Toshiba 55-inch 4K TV with PS4 Pro for just $749.88.

On paper this is a highly attractive offer, as this is an instant saving of $200 when buying both separately at normal price – the PS4 Pro alone is $399.

The TV model number is the Toshiba 55L621U and we do want to point out a potential deal breaker for anyone who is thinking of buying this package.


This is namely the fact that the Toshiba 55L621U does not have HDR support! We find it amazing that Best Buy would put together this combination yet overlook the fact that the TV being offered does not support the feature that is a primary necessity of the PS4 Pro console.

Was it an oversight on their part or did they intend to lure in those who don’t really know the ins and outs of the PS4 Pro 4K features?

We really hope it was the former and not the latter, otherwise there is going to be some very unhappy gamers unwrapping this TV at the end of the month and finding out it doesn’t offer HDR or UHD dimming.


Confirmation of no HDR on the Best Buy Toshiba 55-inch 4K TV can be seen at the company’s product listing for this model here – you can also see full Toshiba 55L621U specs.

Obviously if you don’t care about HDR then this isn’t an issue, but that would be ridiculous to consider given it’s a major feature of the PS4 Pro.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know if you considered a purchase on the Toshiba 55″ Class LED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV and PS4 Pro bundle but will now think twice.

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  • Isaac Drake

    LGUH6090 is on sale at Walmart for >599.99, I have it and works great with PS4, still no HDR support atm, but 120 refresh rate no juddering…Personally I would stay away from a 60Hz tv no matter what, when you are playing COD/Destiny or any shooting game there will be some serious image issues with the slow refresh rate. LG will be releasing a patch by end of this month to correct the issue with HDR. HDR support is a problem across many brands right now, but it must be included in the TV for it to work of course. BTW for LG, if it says HDR Pro it mean HDR10, find any TV with HDR10 capabilities, and if you want to go all out check into the Color Gamut aswell, Mine is extended but not enough to show EVERY color HDR is capable of, The picture still looks great tho, and a small price to pay for the price I bought it for :)…

  • Michael

    ok So I sold my TV today, and my PS4, cause gonna buy this Bundle. After seeing this post, I no longer want that TV. Anyone have any TV suggestions at least 55″ 4k that would go well with the PS4 Pro?