Persona 5 release date delay sends fans into despair

We have some sad news to bring to you now, as it has just been confirmed that highly anticipated PS4 title Persona 5 is getting another delay.

Originally due out on February 14, 2017 Persona’s new release date for US and Europe is April 4, 2017 – confirmed by Atlus just moments ago.

We know many of you are going to be upset about this, but Atlus is going to soften the blow somewhat by offering Persona 5 localisation with English audio on top of Japanese with players being able to choose what they prefer.


Two months is not the end of the world, but tell that to Persona fanatics who are now in the worst of moods over on Twitter where Persona 5 is currently trending worldwide.

What is your reaction to another delay – can you handle two months, or are you genuinely upset? More from Atlus about the latest stage of development on the PS Blog here.



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