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Hitachi 65-inch 65L6 4K Ultra HDTV review warning, bad sound

Go back 3 to 5 years and 1080p Full HD TVs were all the rage, now all people can talk about are the 4K TV models, and we can understand why this is. However, try not to be fooled because not all of them deliver on the promise of awesome image quality, as many of the cheaper models leave something to be desired – and let’s not even get started on their sound.


Take the Hitachi 65-inch 65L6 4K Ultra HDTV; while it may offer you a thrilling experience in terms of its image quality, we have seen far better from the likes of Samsung, although some of the high-end models do make use of improved image quality and a faster processor.

HD broadcasts are also upscaled to almost 4K, or thats what we are told, as we know the end result is never the same as promised. What this model does have going for it are those four HDMI inputs, although not too sure if the 60 fps signals are enough for a 4K HDTV.

The Hitachi 65-inch 65L6 does come with a review warning, as looking over user reviews on Walmart, there is a consensus that this model comes with bad sound. There are some customers that say the sound is horrible and becomes unbearable when you start to turn the TV up high. Read over some of the reviews to see just what we mean.

However, if you were able to purchase this TV for $599.00, we suspect you might be able to live with the poor sound, as sound bars are not too expensive these days?



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