FIFA17 Mannequin Challenge celebration update

Everyone is talking about the Mannequin Challenge now, the latest craze to hit social media. We now have the Jamie Vardy Mannequin Challenge to show you now and more importantly, the question on whether EA will add a Mannequin Challenge celebration in FIFA 17.

We’ve already seen that EA has the ability to put new players into FIFA 17 and more recently completely change faces and hair styles as well mid-season which we didn’t think was possible.

With that in mind, do you want to see a FIFA 17 Mannequin Challenge celebration on PS4 and Xbox One so you can pull off the same moves as what celebrities are doing on social media?

EA has yet to comment on this, but we have seen in the past that the developer does like to jump on board any social media bandwagons if it is in the best interests of FIFA 17.

If you want to see this in the game, leave a comment below and show EA your demand – if enough people speak out, EA will make this happen so let’s get it going!



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