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Apple reaffirms stance on touchscreen iMac, will never be released

Before the new MacBook pro with OLED Touch Bar was announced, there was talk as to whether Apple would actually bring a touchscreen model to market. That’s not all, we did look at the idea of a touchscreen iMac as well, which has been rumoured so many times, but so far eluded us.


We never thought for one moment that Apple would make any sort of announcement of a touchscreen iMac, and for those of you that feels it could happen, then Apple might have finally put that rumour to bed.

Phil Schiller, Apple’s SVP of Marketing has said that the idea of a touchscreen laptop is absurd, and has pretty much said this would never be released.

He does kind of make sense when he tries to make us think about how it would be to stretch across a desk in order to reach a 27-inch screen and then touch its screen. He said it would just be absurd, and also the fact that it would be impossible to optimise it for both touch and input devices,

Do you think Apple is correct, to are they just being lazy and not giving fans what they want?



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