Amazon Music Unlimited UK price reduction for Echo owners today

Finally, the UK Amazon Music Unlimited pricing has been revealed following its availability in the country from today. The starting price is from £9.99, although there are ways to cut that cost down.


The first is that if you are an Amazon Prime member, then you will pay £7.99 per month, or £79 per year. However, if you still feel that’s too much to pay, then we can tell you how to reduce that price even further, although you will need to own an Amazon For Echo account.

If you do have an Echo plan, then you will pay just £3.99 per month instead – which is a huge saving, and one worth looking into.

For those of you that are sitting on the fence, then you could always try a 30 days free trial to see if this is the music streaming service for you or not. For full details we ask that you read this official press release.



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