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iPhone 8 OLED display dreams after iPad Pro 10.9 rumors

For those who are already looking forward to the iPhone 8, there has been some very exciting rumors developing over the weekend.

Namely, Apple’s proposed plans to introduce a bigger iPad Pro 10.9-inch model to the world in 2017, one which would have a redesigned display screen.

This display is thought to be an edge-to-edge or bezel-free screen display with no physical home button.

The rumors have come from Barclays Research analysts citing sources from within Apple’s supply chain in Asia.


These details are exciting, as it could be the first insight into the Apple iPhone 8 screen which could incorporate the same features.

Additional information revealed by MacRumors also suggest that the iPhone 8 would come in 5.8-inch and 5-inch variants, with the 5.8-inch being the premium version featuring an OLED display.

Just take that in for a second as you consider the current iPhone 7 for sale, or what you’ve just upgraded to. The iPhone 8 could be the biggest upgrade we’ve seen in years, with edge-to-edge, no home screen, some curved technology and OLED?

It sounds too good to be true, but let’s wait and see what happens. Would this be the perfect upgrade for you? Give us your thoughts below.



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