Blaupunkt 24-inch BP-236/207I-GB-3B-HKUP-UK TV review joy

We know that Blaupunkt TVs are going to be popular with UK shoppers during the busy sales period and last year, this proved to be correct.

We have noticed that Blaupunkt have another model which is proving to be popular and this is the Blaupunkt 24-inch Widescreen HD Ready LED TV with Freeview and PVR Record.

This Blaupunkt TV is identified by model number BP-236/207I-GB-3B-HKUP-UK and specs include 7 day EPG and PVR record function, 2 HDMI ports and USB port.

One word of warning though straight away, as this is not a full 1080p HD TV, as it offers a max resolution of 720p only.

There is also no smart functionality as it doesn’t have built-in WiFi but you should still be able to connect your own media stick to the TV via HDMI as a handy workaround.


Chances are though, you are not buying this as a TV for console gaming. For those who are looking for a TV to go into the kitchen or as a kids TV in the bedroom then this will be perfect.

If you are interested in buying this budget TV, you can read through some Blaupunkt 24-inch BP-236/207I-GB-3B-HKUP-UK TV reviews here – the good news is that feedback from Blaupunkt 24-inch LED TV reviews so far from those who have already purchased this model have been very good indeed.

We have also located the Blaupunkt BP-236/207I-GB-3B-HKUP-UK TV manual here, as we know some buyers have previously said that this model does not come with a manual inside the box.

What is the best price in the UK for this model that you have seen? Leave your questions and thoughts below.



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