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UFC 205 UK start time on BT Sport app

We have just hours to go until UFC 205 starts and the big fight with Alvarez Vs McGregor. For those planning to watch in the UK, we have a quick heads-up on what time UFC 205 starts in the UK and what time Alvarez Vs McGregor is on.

As usual with big PPV events in the US, UK viewers will often have to stay up through the early hours to watch the main event.

This is no different as we can confirm that UFC 205 Alvarez Vs McGregor starts at 1am UK time. You can watch the fight on the BT Sport App, as a UFC 205 live stream will be on BT Sport 2.

As far what time McGregor fights tonight, it should be around 3am UK time so be prepared to stay up late.

The BT Sport app should be free for many of you as part of your broadband package, so it is nights like this when you really get the most out of your subscription aside from football coverage.

Will you be using the BT Sport app to watch McGregor? Who wins?



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