Samsung confirms Galaxy S8 not foldable, sort of

By Peter Chubb - Nov 12, 2016

It was very early in the year that we assumed Samsung would finally release a foldable device next year, and that this first device to take advantage of this would more than likely be the Samsung Galaxy S8.


If you were hoping to see a foldable Samsung Galaxy S8 released next year, and to be revealed during MWC 2017, then we have some very bad news for you, as Samsung has admitted that they are going to slow down the launch of a foldable smartphone.

There are several reasons for the delay, although the main one is due to the fact that demand for foldable mobile devices is not as high as what you may think, and so Samsung feels that such a device may not sell too well.

Samsung does have a point because the fact there are no foldable smartphones on the market, and so they find themselves in a unique situation. However, we do have a feeling that Samsung are not wanting to take any risks, especially since the whole Nite 7 batter saga.

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