Final Fantasy XV Judgment disc demo with US, UK translation

By Alan Ng - Nov 11, 2016

A new Final Fantasy XV demo is now available to download, but sadly it is exclusive to Japanese gamers only. As a result, gamers are desperately trying to get the Final Fantasy Judgment Disc demo in the UK and US as it is thought to contain final game code.

That means it is an exciting final preview of what the end product is going to look like before Final Fantasy XV ships on disc on November 29.

Thanks to the generous gamers at Reddit though, we now can bring you a full translation of the menus inside the Japanese demo, which will be so useful for those that have downloaded the demo using a Japanese PSN or Xbox Live account.


You’ll be interested to know that one of the menus includes options for HDR, meaning that Square-Enix has already prepared the groundwork for those that have the PS4 Pro and want to enjoy improved visuals.

In-game, pressing the Touchpad on PS4 also brings up another set of options such as Equipment, Magic and Photo so make sure you refer to the Reddit guide above to navigate smoothly.

Do you have the Final Fantasy 15 Judgment disc demo and live in the US or Europe? Give us your thoughts on it below!

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