Element 43-inch E4ST4316H 4K UHD TV review fears

By Alan Ng - Nov 11, 2016

Element are now the go to brand when it comes to buying a new TV in November during the frantic Holiday sales period. This year is no different and now we take a look at the Element 43-inch E4S4316H 4K UHD TV reviews – or lack of in this case.

Element are once again offering 4K TV sets in 2016 to keep up with other budget specialists. The Element E4ST4316H is sold at Target but considering it hasn’t gone on sale yet there are no reviews online whatsoever.

We also noticed a discrepancy from Target where the retailer actually lists this model on their website as the Element E4S4316H 4K TV.

In reality though, the official Element website listing identifies this model as Element E4ST4316H – so be weary of that if you are searching for support after purchase.


With that said, we can bring you a general look at the Element E4ST4316H TV specs. It includes a 43-inch 4K display with a resolution of 3840 x 2160, 3 HDMI ports, Dolby Digital sound quality, WiFi and Smart apps – including YouTube, Netflix and Vudu.

You may see the Element 43″ Smart 4K UHD TV advertised as having a 120Hz refresh rate, but in reality it is still 60Hz native so be careful of that when considering a purchase.


We’ve included a useful image of the rear inputs that this model supports, but we’ve also located the Element E4S4316H or E4ST4316H user manual in PDF here for a closer look.

Are you considering to buy this new Element 43-inch 4K TV from Target but have fears about the lack of Element E4ST4316H reviews? Leave your questions below and we’ll answer all of them as soon as possible.

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  • Ray

    This TV was still available today 11/28 at Target for their BF price of $199. On top of that they took another %15 off so I figured for $169, I would try it out. I’ll see how it works.

  • Keith

    I just bought 1, hooked it up. HDMI from direct TV box to the TV and its on 480 resolution. How to I get it to 4k?

  • demarko

    Does it have an android os for the smart features or Linux.

  • Raccoon1

    I have seen both good and bad reviews on Element TV’s. I am hoping to get one of the 4K’s at Target on black Fri. Anyone know if it’s worth it? WalMart also has an Element 50″ HD on sale that day. Which is better?

  • Chris

    Will you be able to download additional apps such as Amazon Prime Video?

    • Ricky Gonzalez

      It doesn’t have the Google Play Store or any app store. So you only get the apps it comes with.

  • matt hodge

    Does this tv support HDR for the playstation 4 Pro?

  • Alan Ng

    Who is planning to buy this Element 4KTV? $199.99 is an absolute steal but is the brand worth it?